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Roku device setup and url roku.com/link activation require just a few steps and you can do it by yourself once learnt properly. Roku has been quite popular amongst the entertainment enthusiasts due to a variety of channels and shows which it provides through the Roku player or streaming stick.


Url roku.com/link Activation

For Roku setup you will need to connect your Roku player to your TV using HDMI cable and if you have purchased the Roku streaming stick then plugin directly to the HDMI Port of your TV.

At the final setup you need to create the url roku.com/link account and enter the credit card details.

Oh,wait! Credit card details! But why?

Not to worry, you should know that creating Roku account is absolutely FREE and credit card information is required so that while paying for channel subscription you need not enter the full payment details at URL Roku com link.

Still, if you feel uncomfortable to provide your credit card details and if finding a solution to escape out of it then read this article, we have provided some great tips along with url roku.com/link activation and setup.


Url roku.com/link Streaming Device Setup

For Roku device setup you need to arrange a stable internet connection, if you are using WiFi then you

If you have purchased the Roku player then the HDMI cable will be required to connect your Roku player to the TV. The location of the HDMI cable slot might differ as per different TV models, it may be at the front or at the back.

If you purchase the Roku streaming stick then it should be inserted directly to your TV’s HDMI slot and there is no need of HDMI wire. Roku streaming stick is best as it can be carried along while travelling.

           1.Url Roku com Link Device Installation

Now you need to connect one end of your Roku device to the main socket using the micro USB cable. You can also plug in one end of the USB cable to your TV but that is not recommended because connecting to the wall socket will provide a good connection.

Ensure that you have installed the batteries to your Roku remote and if the pairing is required with your TV then press and hold the button at the back of your remote, a blue light will blink which indicates the pairing is complete.

Now you will see the url Roku.com/link home screen which shows the initial setup is complete.

          2.Roku Device Internet Connection

As Roku is a streaming device hence you will need an internet connection to watch your favourite shows, movie, Live news, sports channels.

Roku stick supports wireless network only while Roku player can support the Ethernet and wireless both.

Now on url roku.com/link screen, you will have to set up the language of your choice.

Then you will be prompted to select either wireless or Ethernet network, use your Roku remote and select wireless network and click “Setup a new Wireless Connection”.

Enter the wireless password by using the on-screen keyboard, enter the password slowly as it can be a new experience.

Now Roku is connected to the internet and the Roku operating system software will automatically update to the new version, you need to restart Roku device when prompted to.

          3. Update url roku.com/link Account without Credit Card

This section will make you learn how to activate your device using Roku activation code and creating Roku account without disclosing credit card information.

Immediately after restarting Roku device, you need to click “Activate Roku”. And then you will be provided with a unique 4 digit code on-screen, note it down on a piece of paper as it will be used in next step. Further you need to unlock your smartphone and open the Chrome browser. Now search for the url roku.com/link and you will land on Roku homepage for device activation.

Else, if you do not want to enter your credit card details then visit my.roku.com/signup/nocc and fill in the required details for new account setup. And choose “Always require a pin to make purchases” then enter any pin of your choice and click “Continue”. Further on the next page click “Add a device”. And then in the device activation Roku homepage you will have to enter the unique 4 digit Roku activation code in the desired field  and click “Submit”.

In the next screen, when asked “Do you have a Roku account”, then click “Yes, I already have one”. And then enter the sign-in details that you have just created and click “Sign in”.Now, in the next section, you need to scroll to the bottom and click “Skip I will add later”.

Further “Name your Device” section will open, hence after naming your device ✔️the checkbox to agree with the user agreement and click “Continue”.

Now on yourTV screen, your Roku device will scan the channel updates and after some time, it will display “All Done”. Now you can watch your favourite shows and Live TV, also you can download the Channels as per your regions.

Tip: If you want to add the payment method then login to your Roku account and navigate to the accounts section and fill the required payment details.


Hopefully, you would have loved this hack to setup URL Roku com link without using the credit card. You should also keep a note that Roku activation and setup is free and credit card information is needed so that while paying for paid channels you need not enter the complete details. Although the same can be added later from the “Accounts Section”.