Troubleshooting Roku Stick Not Working on Roku TV

Roku Stick has been entertaining the world for a long time now. With thousands of HD streaming videos and your favourite shows, Roku has become a top-notch brand in the entertainment industry.

Although Roku devices are designed to perfection but sometimes due to the technical glitches or improper installation creates minor issues. Here we have listed out probable errors and troubleshooting your Roku Stick not working.

You should always install a Roku device with a set procedure and also never force fit anything. Here we will help you out to troubleshoot your device on your own, we have kept the detailed discussion so as not to miss anything. 

Unresponsive Roku Stick-

The foremost thing to remember is the proper installation of the Roku device on your TV. This is a very small streaming device and it is to be plugged at the USB port behind your TV. As soon as you plug the device to your TV, a light starts to flash, if it’s not then probably there could be a connectivity issue.

  • Firmly plug your Roku Streaming Stick to your TV.
  • If finding an issue then remove the stick and again plug it to TV.
  • Ensure to use the Roku inbox components like adopter, cable and other stuff.

If your device is still not responding then you can try these solutions.

  • Remove the Stick and plug it to alternate HDMI port on the TV, there might be an issue with HDMI port 1.
  • The USB cable micro end is plugged into the Roku Stick and another end is plug into either TV USB port/ Adaptor on the wall socket. Of these two you should refer plugging to the wall socket using an Adopter for better connectivity.
  • Check for the Micro USB cable not to be frayed or cut.

Roku Stick Connection problems- 

In this section, you will get a complete tutorial to debug the connection error in your Roku streaming device. There are many possibilities and the reason behind the connectivity problem, the one could be due to a slow connection or there could be hardware related problem.

  1. You may also try to restart the Roku device, for that you need to go to the settings tab, then choose system restart in system Wait for a while for your device to display the screen on the TV.
  1. Recheck for the network connection status, had you been able to connect Roku Stick and stream videosa few moments earlier but not right now then you will have to check the network connection.
  • For that,you need to go to the screen and click “Settings”.
  • Then you need to click “Network”, followed by click “About”.
  • Further now you need to recheck the Status as “Connected” and Signal strength as “Excellent”.
  • If you found any of the above things messed us then you should contact your internet support or restart your WiFi or router.
  1. Else if you are using any wired connecting be its USB cable or Ethernet wire then ensure not to be using the faulty one.
  1. If you are finding an issueto stream video in a few apps only then uninstall and reinstall the problem apps if the issue still persists then contact the developers of the app.

Roku Stick Remote Problem-

Your Roku device comes with the most advance IR remote, with an active voice command means you can switch and stream the channels with your voice also the remoteserves the purpose to control your TV as well, means no need to juggle between the multiple remotes.

If you feel improper functioning of your Remote or lag in voice command then remove the back cover and check the batteries of your Remote and if needed install the fresh ones.

YourRoku Stick remote needs repairing if there is a frequent connection drop, to proceed with this you need to follow below steps:

  1. First, you need to unplug the Roku player on your TV.
  2. Now remove the battery cover of your Remote.
  3. Further, you need to press simultaneously the Home and Down button(A and B button, depending on your Remote model) on remote and Pairing button at the battery compartment.
  4. Thereafter the LED lights start to flash and you need to release the buttons, and three LED flashes indicates the remote pairing is complete.
  5. Now plug your Roku Stick player and press the pairing button at the back of remote thereafter you will see a pairing message on your TV screen, indicating the pairing completion of Player and remote.

Reset Roku Device-

If any of the above solutions do not work then it’s time to reset your device. This will debug all sort of errors (if any) in your device and will bring your device to the factory state mode. You will have to start with Soft Reset, the following way:

Soft Reset-

This step will work only if you are able to operate the menu in your device. Proceed the following way:


  • #1 step is to go to click “Settings” on your TV screen.
  • Now select “Advanced Settings”.
  • And click “Factory Reset”.
  • Then you need to provide the special code to initialise Reset.

This step will erase all the settings in your device and you will have to do a bit of an exercise to regain access to all the channels. But no worries you just need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Hard Reset- 

To begin Hard Reset, you need to locate the hard reset button on your Roku Stick or Box and press it for almost 20 seconds,until the power light begins to blink rapidly, now you can release the reset button.


With this, you are all set to go and enjoy streaming 5,00,000+ movies, Live news, your favourite sports channels and much more. With a variety of channels, shows and programs Roku TV has everything for everyone. If you are facing problem with your Roku Stick then this tutorial will help you to troubleshoot the problem on your own.

All the solutions provided here should be followed the way they have been presented. The steps have been arranged to provide you with the hassle-freeservice. Either of the soft reset and hard reset should be done at last because after resetting you will have to do the setup process of your Roku device again. So the problem Roku Stick Not working is Solved.