Roku Error Code RLC-1000

Steps to Fix Roku Error Code RLC-1000

Roku Error Codes are received when Spectrum App is not properly working on Roku devices. If and when you receive Roku Error codes, there is some issue on Roku but the good news is there are some simple steps that you can follow to fix them. The error codes are displayed on the screen and every issue is recognized by a different error code.

Fix Roku Error Code RLC-1000

Roku Error Code RLC-1000 is one such error. The Roku error codes may be faced several times by the users using Roku Player Devices and the same is the case with Roku Error Code RLC-1000. You may see the message being displayed as “Spectrum App Not Working”. The spectrum app being the most demanded content streaming app for TV and mobile devices. Spectrum app is available for all the individuals who sign up for their cable services. Roku then transforms itself into a cable box to open the app. The app can be downloaded for absolutely free and you don’t need to up-charge it time and time again like other providers. Now let us discuss the steps needed to fix Roku Error Code RLC-1000 in detail.

Steps to Fix Roku Error Code RLC-1000-

Normally, the Roku Error Code RLC-1000 issue arises when a new version of the app has arrived and it is updated through the network connection automatically. As we know the spectrum app is free in comparison to other app providers that is why when the newer version is launched, Roku Error Code RLC-1000 is sometimes displayed on the Roku Device Players. There are some ways with which we can get rid of this error. They are discussed below:

  1. Restarting the Channel-

Whenever you get a Roku Error Code RLC-1000 or any other Roku Error Codes you should first try restarting the channel. At any point, you can exit out of the channel by pressing the exit key on the Roku remote. Then again choose the TV Channel and from then re-dispatch it once again. Then check the error again.If it’s still there then move ahead with the second step.

  1. Downloading Spectrum TV Again-

Remove the Spectrum TV app entirely from the Roku device player. And then go to the google or app store again and then download it. Then go to to set up your Roku player with the Spectrum app and complete the installation.

  1. Rebooting the Gadget-

Simply unplug the gadget from the electrical attachment and then wait for a few seconds to reboot it. After that, safely put it back in and then check Roku player connectivity. If it is working fine you’re good to go otherwise move on to the next step.

Few common mistakes-

a) Incorrect Login Credentials-

There can be some slip-ups with the login details, username, and passwords which may cause trouble in long runs. To avoid that sign in to your Roku by going onto or on the Spectrum site that has your account registered and try using the virtual keyboard to enter your credentials.

B) Poor Picture Quality-

Firstly navigate to the network connection settings in your Roku device or you can choose WiFi or wired connection or as per your needs and confirm the Roku network associated with the device player. And at last, the image that you require to match to a higher quality may take a few seconds.

C) Display not working-

First all be certain that the Roku TV is turned on and then check that it has the right input or the source. Now power on both the TV and the gadget and then interface them together to the wireless or wired internet connection.

D) No or low sound/audio quality-

In case of no sound on Roku devices start by eliminating and replacing the HDMI link for both of the gadgets right from its space. And then wait for a few minutes after you unplug the Roku and then interface it once again into the electrical attachment. And if your Roku TV sound is low try fine-tuning it first. You can also check the batteries of your Roku remote if the volume level is not audible enough, and try inserting new batteries into the remote.

If the issue persists then you should try disconnecting the HDMI link and re affixing it afterward.

E) Channel is loading slowly-

When the Channel doesn’t load slowly try restarting the modem by removing the batteries and then unplugging it completely. The wait for 10-20 seconds then reassembles the batteries again that fit the gadget. And that would do the needful.