setup YouTube on Roku

How to setup YouTube on Roku?

Do you know, that Roku activation code Offers more than 750-plus channels? But you know out of all these what is missing- It’s YouTube.

It hurts, isn’t it?

YouTube is one of the most used apps across the globe. And YouTube is becoming one of the biggest advertising giants. We all love to watch, share, and add video clips and channels on YouTube. Plus it is one of the most helpful digital platforms when it comes to learning whether its cooking or online digital classes.

How to setup Youtube on Roku

Downloading and installing YouTube in our cell phone, just by visiting the play store and downloading it from there is the easiest task to do.

When it comes to entertainment, there is one more platform that is super comfortable for YouTube TV and that is a Roku player.

Not to get confused between YouTube channel and YouTube TV for Roku. YouTube TV is a streaming premium channel that offers live telecasts of more than 70 TV Channels, which includes local streams of networks like ESPN, Disney, CNN, and so on.

Plus YouTube TV has one more Special feature which is known as DVD-like recording feature, where you can store an unlimited amount of live TV to watch it anytime.

But, We have a way, by which you can add YouTube in your Roku Device, and get a chance to watch the choice videos you want to watch.

In this new era of Streaming Roku Device, it is easy to add your choice channels but still a lot of people stuck in the problem for ‘Setup YouTube on Roku’.

Are you having an issue with ‘Setup YouTube on Roku’ device?

No, need to worry about it as we have few simple tricks by which you can easily ‘Setup YouTube on Roku’ player.

But before that, you should know.

Is your Roku Device Compatible for YouTube?

YES! You read it correctly.

Unfortunately, you need to know that a number of old Roku Players are not compatible with YouTube and they can’t play YouTube channels on TV.

So, You should know the model number of your Roku Device, which will be helpful for you to know whether you can ‘Setup YouTube on Roku’ player of yours.

Here are the few steps by check What’s your Roku Model Number.

  1. Press ‘Home’ in your Roku remote.
  2. Go for ‘Settings’ in the menu on left side
  3. Select ‘System’.
  4. Select ‘About’ to see your model number.

Here is the list of Roku Model Number which is compatible for the ‘Setup YouTube on Roku’ .

  • All Roku TV.
  • Roku Streaming Stick(3800x and 3600x)
  • Roku Express or Roku Express+ (3910x, 3900x, 3710x and 2700x)
  • Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+
  • Roku 4, Roku 3(4200x and 4230x), and Roku 2(4210x)
  • Roku Ultra.

Check out your model number and get to know is it capable enough to ‘Setup YouTube on Roku’

Now, moving on further, know.

 How to Setup YouTube on Roku

 Let’s begin your journey to install entertainment on your Roku TV.

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button, in your Roku Remote.
  2. You’ll get to ascertain the choices , where you’ve got to pick ‘Streaming Channels’ within the list mentioned on the left side of the screen.
  3. Then advance to ‘Select Channels’.
  4. Look for ‘YouTube’.
  5. When the searched result will be shown, and YouTube will appear in the search result, select ‘Add Channel’.
  6. Before adding YouTube, Remember YouTube TV may be a separate channel from YouTube.
  7. After the installation of the channel.
  8. Select ‘Ok’.
  9. Again press the Home Button.
  10. Find ‘YouTube TV, and Select to open it.
  11. But to open it, you need to subscribe to ‘YouTube TV’.

Have you Subscribed on YouTube TV?

If not, then you were not able to watch it until you will subscribe it.

Here are the instructions by which you can subscribe ‘YouTube TV’ in your Roku Device.

You Have to sign up using your Roku player and web browser.

– Visit from any web browser on your mobile device.
–  You need to sign in to your Google account under which you have created a YouTube TV account.

– Once you will sign in, enter the code, which you will get from Activating Roku com link.

– Now, Sign in to your account.

So, till now you would have gotten the idea to Setup YouTube on Roku‘, So, that if you need out to add YouTube then you don’t have to surf along over plenty of websites and get your head pinned up to the wall.