Instructions to Play Roku Through Surround Sound

Well, Roku Surround Sound is quite impressive in comparison to the price offered, the whole setup would cost you only a few hundred dollars. This time Roku has rather launched the complete package with smart Roku Surround Sound and wireless speakers, to provide the thrilling sound experience.Now create a 5.1-channel surround system and watch your favorite TV shows, sports channels or play rock songs with the all-new Roku Surround Sound. In 2018 Roku has launched the set of wireless TV speakers but they used to connect with Roku TV only, but this time Roku has come up with the amazing setup that can be controlled by built-in Roku’s streaming TV software.

Roku Surround Sound setup

One of the best advantages of surround sound system is the simple setup which also includes an exclusive remote to operate. Although the setup is created keeping in mind the Roku surround bar which is more than just a set of speakers rather provides you with the 4K HDR quality sound. After full setup you can enjoy your favorite shows from Hulu, Netflix, HBO NOW, and YouTube with the most ultimate Roku Smart Sound barand superior wireless speakers.

In the Roku surround system, the soundbar plays an important role because it works as a full Roku player and a speaker as well, which saves your money that you might have to spend on a wireless receiver and saves your valuable space as well.

Roku with HDMI Direct to TV Setup (

At first, you need to connect the Roku Surround Sound bar to your TV using HDMI cable and a power cord. The wireless speakers then need to be connected to power sources and can be placed at the back and two different corners for the amazing sound experience. The auxiliary speakers will connect wirelessly to the surround soundbar.

  • You will be using two cables, connect the power cable from the main socket to the soundbar and another is Roku with HDMI direct to TV setup.
  • Now your Roku Operating system will search for the automatic updates because Roku was already connected to the wireless network.
  • Further, you need to press and hold the “Home” button on the Roku remote.
  • Now a device setup menu will display on the Roku TV screen, from here you can click and add the wireless speakers and subwoofers.
  • Thereafter Roku OS will search automatically for the Roku Surround sound devices around.

Play Roku Sound System and Audio

The audio experience of the Roku system is the next level with the X-factor of negligible cables and no mess up in the room. The previous surround sound system used to be messy and heavier where you always need to sort out the cable connection.

Roku has provided the smart audio adjustments where you need not tweak or set the audio separately for different speakers rather they are programmed in a way to give you good overall audio experience.

Else if you want to adjust minor audio settings then click “*” on your Roku remote and your screen will display the sound settings with two-volume mode-

  • Night mode: This mode will strike a balance between loud sounds and simple dialogue. Means the loudest sounds such as explosions will be reduced to average and quietest sounds such as just a dialogue will be rise to average sound.
  • Leveling mode: This mode will maintain the same average volume throughout the content on your TV.

Besides, the same menu will provide you an option for “Movies & TV” mode which gives an ambient sound experience through wireless speakers. Alternatively, you can also choose the “Music” mode which automatically synchronizes the auxiliary speakers with the surround soundbar.


After the final setup of the Roku sound system, you will find worth it because the player has reduced the mess to some extent. Although you might have to find the separate power plugs or arrange a docking station to connect the wireless speakers, everything else is up to the mark. You can even play the high bass sound or watch the TV shows, the Roku Surround Sound will not let you down.