How to fix the issue “Roku Connected But Not Working”?

The Roku TV provides users with access to stream their favorite audio and video contents online provided that they have a good internet connection. The internet connection must be secure so that the user can stream all the content buffer-free and without any interruptions. And in this blog, we’re going to discuss Roku connected but not working issues in detail. Recently, Roku has introduced several device models to its platform. All of these devices offer some features. You can complete your setup by going onto and start watching your favorite video and audio programs. But to enjoy uninterrupted streaming, it is important to resolve Roku connected but not working issue. Below mentioned points are a quick and efficient way to fix the issue “Roku Connected But Not Working”.

How to fix the issue “Roku Connected But Not Working

Roku connected but not working message troubleshooting steps-

  • Roku connected but not working is on the most common error while you’re streaming content on Roku. So firstly, the user must connect the Roku streaming player adequately to the Home network.
  • Secondly, the user must select the correct wireless network name during the setup process and then enter the password
  • After that, the Roku streaming player will establish a connection with the home access point. But keep in mind device setup will not be completed if the Roku streaming player is not able to access the home network through the internet router.
  • Also if the device is set up but you’re not able to launch it means that it requires an internet connection.
  • Finally what is needed to resolve the Roku connected but not working issue is to set up the internet connection correctly and then check the router and confirm the status.

Checking the Internet connection- 

  • The first step is to go to Settings and then select Network.
  • After that, the user needs to choose the Check Connection option and perform a test in two parts.
  • The first part for checking the link to the home network connection and verifying the signal quality.
  • The second for checking that the connection to the Roku device is correct and also measured the internet connection speed.
  • Now proceed with the further mentioned steps to resolve Roku connected but not working.

Fixing connectivity issues on the Roku-

  • If the issue with Roku connected but not working persists, then firstly make sure that the correct name Wireless Network is selected. And After that enter the password correctly
  • Secondly, try to access a public website to check if the wireless router is working properly or not.
  • Then try improving the strength of the wireless signal by placing Roku and the router relatively close to one another and verify that there are no objects in between the Roku and the wireless router.
  • Lastly, restart the wireless router first and then the Roku player
  • To reset the Roku player go to the Settings option and then select System and then click on Restart. Similarly you can restart the Roku TV.
  • Now click on Power option and then select the System Restart
  • And when the system restarts check whether the Roku connected but not working issue is still there or not.

Other Network related issues related to Roku connected but not working

1- Roku not linking to the Network

In this particular case check if the router is powered on and is indicating a network connection or not. And if it does not then disconnect the router from the power outlet and then restart it to get a good and secure internet connection.

2- Roku indicating lost Network

Go to the setting pages and then select Network and then choose the Setup connection option to set up and get the Roku device back online. After the setup is complete it will inform you about its Successful Completion. Now both the network connection and the Roku device will be back online.

3- Roku player not on the Correct Network Connection

Here the user would have to complete the network setup process from the scratch, again. And make sure to enter the correct name from the list and then correctly enter the Network password.