Premium Subscriptions on Roku Channel

Avail the Premium Subscriptions on the Roku Channel

The Roku channel refers to the streaming channel of Roku that is dedicated to offering movies, TV, news, and sports to people having a Roku account. You can watch the channel on almost all devices after your free registration. The free Roku channel brings you a wide range of content at absolutely no added costs. So, you can have entertainment channels, sports, and even a section of live news for free.

Premium Subscriptions on Roku Channel
Premium Subscriptions on Roku Channel

And do you know what can make the channel even better for you? The answer is a premium Roku Subscription.

The premium subscription of the Roku channel gets you all the amazing free content, as mentioned above, along with some really great premium content. So, without further ado, let’s get to know more about the premium subscription and what makes it so lucrative.

A few details about the premium subscription

The premium subscription of the Roku channel offers the widest range of content. It offers Cinemax, Epix, Starz, Showtime, and HBO in one package. The price of the subscription is almost similar to standalone subscriptions and streaming-only services, but you get the ease of paying just one bill.

A considerable section of content on the channel is free. So, you only pay for the premium channels with your Roku Subscription. The Roku channel is not like the other streaming service providers or the traditional cable TV services, where you need to pay a monthly access fee, along with premium channel subscriptions.

Pricing of the popular premium channels is the same as you pay when you buy it directly from the provider. Moreover, channels like Cinemax don’t even have standalone subscription services on offer. So, your best bet is to rely on something like the Roku channel to watch Cinemax.

Your Roku Subscription will also give you access to other in-demand paid channels like Noggin, Lifetime Movie Club, History Channel Vault, and Smithsonian Channel Plus. A wide range of selection of lifestyle and family channels also form a part of the premium subscription option.

How to watch the channel on your device?

Though you can watch the Roku channel on all devices, the Roku streaming device is the easiest way for you to opt for. You will just have to add the channel just as you add all other channel apps.

All the contents of the Roku channel are available on the Roku mobile app. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to log into a Roku account to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, or games from your Android or iOS devices. The app’s home screen has all the Roku channel contents that you can watch right after launching it.

Of course, you can also watch from the web browser on your mobile or computer, but in that case, you will have to log in to watch the Roku channel. You will have to create an account when watching from a web browser, even if you want to watch only the free content. You can sign up for the Roku account for free, regardless of whether you have a Roku device or not. 

Advantages of taking premium subscription on Roku

Taking the Premium Roku Subscription has a number of advantages, which are the reasons why Roku has come up as one of the top choices for streaming content. You will hardly ever get such a simple and easy method to watch television as provided by the Roku channel.

Here’s outlining the five top benefits of availing the premium subscription of the Roku channel:

  • Say goodbye to cable TV subscriptionYou only need high-speed internet and the Roku channel to watch your favorite content. No need to spend money on the local satellite or cable provider.
  • You are getting value for moneyRoku is quite affordable when you think of the features you get. You get a wide range of free and premium content, along with HD and 4K streaming options.
  • Setting up your account is super easyGetting your premium subscription on the Roku channel and watching the videos is super easy. It’s nothing different from any other app you’ve used. 

Summing up-

So, now that you know all about Roku Subscription, what are you waiting for? Get the premium version of the Roku channel today and start enjoying your favorite content, right from movies, TV shows, news, and sports to live TV. Log in to without any more delay and get your subscription. Don’t forget to get in touch with us for any queries or doubts you have in this matter.