Roku Account Setup

How to Update Roku Device in a few simple steps

Roku is one of the best streaming devices that you can buy for streaming thousands of TV shows and movies easily on your TV. And to use the device, it is essential that your Roku device is always connected to the internet. And to provide you with a flawless streaming experience all the time, it is essential for your Roku com link device to check for updates continuously.

Roku Updates:

Generally, the Roku will search for updates automatically one time a day, and it will install the same in its background.

You can also check for updates manually as well if you suspect that there is something with your Roku device, and it is not getting updated automatically as it should.

One of the most common reasons behind your device not getting updated automatically can be is that your Roku device has been left unplugged for a long time, or the Roku device has been disconnected from its primary source of internet.

So, to help you better, here we have listed the easiest ways or you to update your Roku device.

Technique I

  • On your Roku’s remote controller, press the home button
  • Now, using the arrow keys, navigate to the settings and enter the Roku Account setup
  • Scroll down to the system and select it
  • There you will find an option that says system update
  • Select the Check Now option and your device will start searching for updates available
  • If there is an update available, your Roku device will download it and install it on its own in the background

Technique II

You can also try connecting your Roku device to and download the update from the Roku com link and then install it on the device while it is still connected to the internet.

This is an easy way for the people to install the update if they have a weak or unstable internet connection.

So, if your Roku device is failing to update itself on its own, then you can try any of the tips available above to update your device.