Connect Google Home to Roku

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Connect Google Home to Roku and control your Roku device through voice command to watch your favorite channels.

Isn’t it fascinating to Command and ask “Ok Google,” followed by the channel of your choice, to flip the shows on Roku?

Google Home and Roku together makes an amazing combination. You can use the voice command of Google Home and watch your favorite shows, Live News, web series on Roku. Also you can enjoy some premium channels such HBO, Hulu, Amazon TV on your Roku device.

Connect Google Home to Roku
How to Connect Google Home to Roku?

This document will help you connect Google Home to Roku player or Roku streaming stick with simple steps.

Setup Required to Connect Google Home to Roku

There are some basic requirements to connect Google Home to Roku device hassle-free. While mating two devices, you should always ensure to match their compatibilities.

  • You will be required the compatible and latest Roku Operating software (RokuOS 8.1 or above)
  • You will have to download the Google Home app, which is readily available from the Android play store or Apple App Store.

This section will provide you the necessary setup requirements as per your device models. Firstly you need to verify that you are using the latest Roku software as per the following directions.

  1. Steps to Check Roku Software Version

  • Switch on your Roku device and TV, and wait for the Roku home display to appear.
  • Now you need to click “Settings” in the left panel, use your Roku remote to scroll.
  • Further, you need to click on “System” and now click “System Update”.
  • After that, you need to select “Check Now”.
  • If you are using the latest Roku software, then a message, “All software is up to date,” will appear.
  • And if you are using outdated software, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to download the updated version. You should also ensure to connect Roku with a stable internet network for quick updates.
  1. Download Google Home App in Android 

  • Further, you need to download and install the Google Home app on your smartphone.
  • Unlock your Android device and click the icon of “Google play store”.
  • Now you need to search for the “Google Home” application.
  • And click the “Install” button to download it to your Android smartphone.
  1. Download Google Home App in iOS 
  • If you are using an Apple device, then you need to follow this step.
  • At first, open the “App Store” in your iOS device.
  • Now search for an application “Google Home”.
  • Further, click “+Get” to install the app to your iOS device.

Connect Google Home to Roku 

Now you are fully prepared to connect the two devices, one last thing to make sure is to connect Google Home and Roku player to the same Wi-Fi network.

Let’s begin.

  1. On your device, you need to open the “Google Home” application.
  2. Now you need to click “+ Add” on the main screen of Google Home App.
  3. Further, you will have to select “Set up Device” in the “Add and Manage section”.
  4. Now on Setup Screen, click “Works with Google”.
  5. Choose “Roku” from the list of devices.
  6. Now you will be prompted to enter Url Roku com Link login credentials.
  7. After entering the exact details, click “Accept and Continue”.
  8. Now you need to choose the device you want to connect your Google Home with.
  9. Now you will have to click “Continue to the Google app”.
  10. Finally, you will see a message on-screen “Smart devices added”, click “Done”.

Using these steps, you will be able to connect Google Home to Roku successfully. Now you can use your voice to perform these actions:

  • Launch and switch the streaming channels.
  • Search for your favorite shows and movies.
  • Fast forward, pause, volume control

And much more.

After successful setup of both devices, you can trial the voice command and ask for the channel of your choice, Google Home is rather highly sensitive to voice command and will listen to the voice of his masters gracefully.

You can connect Google Home to Roku player, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku Ultra as well in a natural way.


To connect Google Home to Roku device, you need a Roku player, Google Home, a stable internet connection, and your smartphone. Initially, you will have to verify the latest Roku operating system and, if needed, then update it with new software.

After that, you need to install the Google Home app in your smartphone and then add your Roku device into the application. That’s how you can connect both the device with ease.