How to fix Roku error code 016?

Roku is a device that streams all kinds of media to your television from the internet. If you want only one device for watching online content on TV from different streaming platforms, then Roku is it. You just need to connect your Wi-Fi network to Roku to make it run, and that’s it.

But what if it doesn’t run and Roku error code 016 comes up? You have nothing to worry about, as here is the solution to that.

Reason to connect the network to Roku

There are several reasons to connect the network to Roku some are given below.

  • Roku is very affordable and it is cheapest from the entire mainstream internet TV device.
  • It supports more than 600 internet channels.
  • The service even supports Private TV channels
  • Using or operating is very easy through Roku.
  • Roku comes with best search function

What does Roku error code 016 mean? 

This error comes up on the screen is an indication that there’s something wrong with the internet connection as Roku needs a strong connection for playing the videos. As Roku is connected with the router and the Wi-Fi network, the error mostly comes up when the internet signal goes down for some reason. 

Circumstances which causes the error code 016;

The following events cause the error code 016:

  • Internet speed being bad or low
  • No internet connectivity
  • Compatibility issues with router settings
  • DNS failure
  • ISP blocking 

Steps to check the connectivity status

You should follow the given steps to check the connectivity status after Roku link activation:

  • Click on ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Network’ option
  • Choose the option that says ‘Check Internet Connection.’
  • Check the internet connection and the signal strength of it with the Roku device
  • The present internet speed will come up on the screen of your device
  • You need to fix this issue and putting the router close to Roku is the first step for that 

Error code 016 Roku resolving steps

You can resolve the issue of Roku error code 016 by following the steps given below:

  • Check your internet connection to see if it’s working or not. Make sure to check all other devices that are connected with this network to know whether the problem is with Roku or the internet.
  • Check all your connections, i.e. Wi-Fi and wires, within the Roku device, the TV, and the Router before restarting your Roku device and the router.
  • Click on the setup connections on your Roku device to get the instructions you need to follow for reconnecting your Wi-Fi with the Roku device, in case the earlier attempt at restarting has not worked.
  • Keep your router and the Roku device within the range of the Wi-Fi signals to make sure the device faces no connectivity problems while giving you great viewing experience. 

Solution for the Roku error code 016

If you can solve the issues of internet connectivity and improve the signal strength by moving the router closer or restarting the connection, then you have successfully solved Roku error code 016, and there’s nothing to worry anymore.

If none of the ideas mentioned above can solve the issue of Roku error code 016, then make sure to give the Roku customer care a call. Talk to their technician to find a solution to your problem.